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Bow Windows, Denver Design

Denver has long been at the cutting edge of home decor. Our residents have always prided themselves on beautiful residences from the inside out, creating a welcoming environment for guests and a soothing space for the owner. For many years, one of the centerpieces of this design has been bay and bow windows. Denver homes with these windows are opened up to catch the beautiful Colorado scenery. Many bow windows have floor-to-ceiling views, but can be covered easily enough with blinds.

Of course, bay windows are a tradition as well. Whether used to create a breakfast nook or as an accent for a family room, nothing beats bay windows. Colorado, where family and communication are so important, finds bay windows are more useful than ever.

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Residential Windows, Denver Style

What exactly is the difference between bay windows and bow windows? Denver homeowners have asked this question for years. Bay windows are designed with a fixed middle window, whereas bow windows are a smoothly joined set of windows where some or none are fixed. With bow windows, all the windows can be opened to allow for complete airflow. Many companies also offer bow windows that have built in ventilation at the bottom, allowing for a cool breeze on a summer’s day without exposing the entire household to wind gusts. This feature makes them a top choice for residential windows; Denver homes and apartments commonly feature these.

Bay Windows: Colorado Charm

Because of the sheer expanse of glass they offer, bow windows are a strong design statement. Like bay windows, Colorado bow windows are typically covered with a full set of blinds or shades at installation. While the view from both of these window types is beautiful, a good set of blinds is necessary for a privacy-conscious family, just as it is for almost any of the residential windows. Denver is a big city, and keeping one’s privacy intact is only wise. With the right window treatment, your windows will blend seamlessly into your decor and into the environment.

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